‘Comply Or Face Prosecution’, Lagos Govt Warns Owners Of Vehicles With No Number Plates

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The Lagos State Government has taken a strong stance against motorists with faulty vehicle registration number plates, in a move aimed at enhancing road safety and security.

The government has issued a directive to law enforcement agencies to apprehend those found with defective plates or even worse, without any number plates affixed to their vehicles.

In an address, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Engr. Abdulhafiz Toriola, emphasized the importance of adhering to the law. “We urge motorists to desist from this unlawful act to avoid prosecution, as it violates section 15 and 16 of the State’s Transport Reform Law 2018,” he said.

Speaking passionately about the reasons behind this crackdown, Toriola pointed out how various violations of number plate regulations could lead to security concerns.

“Covering of number plates without authorization, use of faded or damaged plates, misuse of number plates, and even non-use of plates, all pose serious risks, especially given the present security challenges we face as a nation,” he explained.

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Quoting section 16 of the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law, Toriola reiterated the legal consequences: “A person who drives a vehicle that is not registered or does not have an affixed identification mark in the prescribed manner commits an offence.”

Toriola went on to stress that a vehicle without a proper number plate could potentially be exploited for criminal activities that might be difficult to trace. “The purpose of using a number plate is for proper identification and security, as it is personalized for each vehicle,” he emphasized.

To address issues like fading and damage, Toriola advised motorists to use water and non-chemical solutions when cleaning their number plates. He further highlighted another violation – the use of private number plates for commercial vehicles, which is also against the Transport Reform Law.

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For vehicle owners who might be delaying registration, Toriola suggested reaching out to the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) to obtain a Temporary Vehicle Tag (TVT) as per the law’s provisions.

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“Law enforcement agencies have been mandated to apprehend defaulters,” he warned, concluding with a call for compliance to bolster the existing security measures put in place by the state government.

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