Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Coca Cola records ‘$4 billion’ loss after Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s superstardom influence has made an economic impact on Coca Cola, which the famed drinks company will be groaning about.

Ronaldo made a gesture over Coca Cola during a Portugal press conference ahead of their Euro 2020 match against Hungary.

After taking his seat during a press conference, the Juventus superstar picked up the two bottles of Coca Cola which were laid out ready on the desk.

He passed the drinks along the desk and grabbed a bottle of water, subtly telling people at home which of the drinks was a healthy choice.

But what Ronaldo may not have realised is the huge financial impact he would have on Coca Cola with his action and words.
Marca reports that at the market’s open in Europe, Coca Cola’s shares were worth $56.1, but by the time Ronaldo and his Portugal boss Fernando Santos left their seats at the press conference, shares had dropped to $55.2 each.

The 1.6% drop in share price meant a loss in $4billion dollars in terms of company worth.

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The former Real Madrid star, 36, is a renowned fitness freak who maintains a strict healthy diet. He would go ahead to score two goal in the match against Hungary, a feat which has seen him become the all-time highest goal scorer in the EUROS with a total of 11 goals.

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