Canada Pledges $18m Empowerment For Nigerian Women In Fight Against Poverty
Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Jamie Christoff

Canada Pledges $18m Empowerment For Nigerian Women In Fight Against Poverty

7 months ago
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The Canadian government has extended a helping hand to Nigeria, pledging $18 million in support to address the country’s humanitarian challenges and combat poverty.

The announcement came during a meeting between Canada’s High Commissioner, Jamie Christoff, and Nigeria’s Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Betta Edu.

Christoff emphasized that the financial aid would be dedicated to empowering disadvantaged women and young girls across Nigeria, marking a step in the battle against poverty and humanitarian crises.

He applauded the creation of the Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Trust Fund as a commendable initiative fostering improved collaboration between the two nations.

In an expression of support, Christoff said, “I am here with my team to express our support for the President’s mandate to alleviate poverty and address humanitarian crises in Nigeria through your ministry.”

Responding to this generous commitment, the minister, Betta Edu conveyed her gratitude and reiterated her dedication to a collaborative partnership with the High Commissioner. She stressed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to substantially reducing poverty and addressing humanitarian challenges in Nigeria by 2030, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) target.

Edu assured Ambassador Christoff that the Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation Trust Fund would maintain transparency in its operations, focusing on addressing emergency humanitarian responses and poverty-related issues in Nigeria.

She called for a thorough review of contributions from all humanitarian partners, underscoring the importance of sustainable solutions to the nation’s pressing issues.

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The Minister pledged an accountable implementation process to avoid redundancy and resource wastage, advocating for a more effective approach to achieve better outcomes in the fight against poverty and humanitarian crises.

With Nigeria grappling with various humanitarian challenges and high poverty rates, this generous commitment from Canada represents a boost to the country’s efforts to alleviate the suffering of its people and address pressing issues.


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