Canada-Based Nigerian Man
Canada-Based Nigerian Man

Canada-based Nigerian Man Raises N1.8 Million For Nigerian E-Passport Applicants

2 years ago
1 min read

Dr. Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi has explained that he raised N1.8 million for the processing of Nigerian E-Passport for 52 prospective graduate school students at N35,000/person.

Igbalajobi, a Canada-based Nigerian man who left the shores of the country with just N16,000, appreciated the sponsors for their support and donations.

He said, “Thank you to everyone for the push, donations, and support!. Most especially @matajson @JeSuisPrecious @Christy302 @adejimiadeniji @OladipupoOluma1 for a good job while evaluating the entries.

“Thanks to our amazing 1,115 applicants, I really wish we can fund more than 60, but I promise to be on the lookout for you all.

The man has also announced that he would be celebrating his birthday on Thursday, January 14, saying, “It’s my birthday in 3 days on Thursday, I just want to say thank you, Lord!!!”


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