Buhari Calls For Federal, State Agencies Coordination On Flood Crisis

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PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has asked for better coordination between federal authorities including the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) and state governments to manage flood crisis in the country.

Over the past weeks, thousands of people in 32 states of the country have been affected by flood which resulted in the loss of homes, farms, life and the disruption of normal life.

The President, who resumed normal activities on Wednesday after a five-day quarantine observed due to international travel expressed concern over the situation saying “I am constantly monitoring the situation and we will ensure that all possible help is extended to victims.”

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He advised the concerned agencies to develop a culture of respect for weather forecast and also act upon early warnings to avert the yearly occurrence of disasters.

President Buhari observed that some states shared different times of flood warnings, citing specific territories and communities named by NEMA which did not heed to the warning, neither was the letter which was sent acknowledged until the flood happened.

He commended the few states that responded to the warnings and took steps to avert the consequences.

The President also approved a workshop by NEMA to bring all states’ emergency response agencies together.

He assured that the victims would be supported in line with shared responsibilities between the two tiers of government.

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