Bitcoin Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto Loses $22.1 billion, As Aliko Dangote Closes Gap On Richest List

2 years ago
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There has been confusion as to the facial identity and background of bitcoin founder, but one thing that has remained constant, without opposing views, is his pseudo name being Satoshi Nakamoto.

As of late March, Nakamoto’s networth was estimated at $41.16 billion, when Aliko Dangote’s wealth was reported at $14 billion. At the time, the farmer’s fortune put him around the 30th richest person, while the African billionaire was placed at 132 spot on Forbes Billionaire Index.

However, in Q2, which covers the last three months, Nakamoto has lost $22.15 billion in his networth due to the crash bitcoin experienced during the second quarter, as his considered wealth is solely bitcoin, a cryptocurrency he created in 2009.

Bitcoin currently trades around $19,009 per coin, against the over $41,000 it sold for in late March, reflecting a loss of -53.6% in BTC value. In the same vein, Nakamoto’s wealth has dwindled by -53.8% in the last three months, according to Prime Business Africa’s analysis.

This publication checks gathered that Nakamoto’s networth has dropped from $41.16 billion to $19 billion as at Thursday, June 30, 2022, significantly reducing the gap between the bitcoin creator and Dangote.

In March, Nakamoto was $27.16 billion richer than the wealthiest man in Africa, however, that gap is now just $5.50 billion, despite Dangote losing about $500 million between April and June this year.

Dangote’s networth, according to Forbes Billionaire Index, is $13.5 billion, down from the $14 billion he held in the last month of first quarter. He sits on 136th position, while Nakamoto’s wealth places him around 84 spot.

Note that several people have come out to claim they are Nakamoto, but there have been holes in their story of how and when they created the innovative digital currency, bitcoin.


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