Armed Robbers Attack Chicken Republic, Steal Cars, Money, Phones From Customers

2 years ago
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It was a disappointing and shocking Thursday for Customers of Chicken Republic, located in the axis of Dawaki/Dutse, area in Abuja, after armed robbers attacked them while dining in the restaurant.

According to reports, the customers were robbed during the evening inside Chicken Republic, losing their cars, phones, money and other items to the armed robbers on July 28, 2022.

Commenting on the Chicken Republic robbery, former Senator, representing Bayelsa, Ben Murray-Bruce, said the government must sit up to face the rising insecurity, which is now spreading to the capital where Aso Rock, the Presidential home, is located.

Murray-Bruce, who is the founder of television station, Silverbird, and Cinema company, Silverbird Cinemas, wrote on Twitter, “I just received reports of a robbery in Abuja yesterday night at the Chicken Republic axis of Dawaki/Dutse.

“Phones were taken as well as cars. This is unbecoming as a nation and, most notably, in the seat of power. Government must sit up now! This isn’t a joke.” The former lawmaker informed his followers.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user, Kelvin Odanz, who had a friend affected by the Chicken Republic armed robbery, said, “A friend of mine was robbed at gun point last night in Abuja.

“They didn’t break into his house, didn’t block them on the road. They were robbed at Chicken Republic in Abuja. These guys walked into a public eatery in Abu fucking Ja and snatched people’s cars, money and phones. God.”

Another Twitter user, Cross Benedict said, “Abuja guys, please stay safe. We don’t have anyone, but ourselves. The government clearly doesn’t care. I mean, how can robbers confidently walk into Chicken Republic in Abuja town, rob everyone at gun point, and flee with their cars? This is what the country has become!”

Prime Business Africa contacted Chicken Republic Dutse branch for enquiry on the robbery. The company’s representative neither denied nor confirm the report. He suggested to obtain a contact for this media firm to call, but he didn’t, nether did he answer the calls later made to him.


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