Airtel Subscribers: How To Access Airtime, Data, Other Services Using New USSD Codes

Airtel Subscribers: How To Access Airtime, Data, Other Services Using New USSD Codes

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As a subscriber of Airtel Nigeria, there are several new Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) codes needed to access Calls, Data and other services offered by the telecommunications company.

Previously, codes like *123# and *123*10# were used to check Airtel airtime and data balance on your mobile number respectively.

However, recently, there have been changes to the USSD codes used to access Airtel’s services following a directive from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

The NCC directed all network providers to unify codes for access to their services, prompting Airtel and its rivals to do away with their separate USSD codes and embrace a Unified USSD.

How to access Airtel’s borrow services

*303# can help you borrow Airtel airtime whenever you are cash strapped

How to check Airtel airtime balance

To confirm your airtime balance on your Airtel line, you can dial *310# on your phone, after which a message will appear with your balance.
Credit Recharge: *311#

USSD code to check Airtel data plan

With *312#, a subscriber of Airtel interested in accessing the internet can check the telco’s list of data plans.

Airtel’s USSD code for data plan balance

To access your data plan balance as an Airtel subscriber, the code you need is *323#

How to contact Airtel’s Call Centers

In case you are not satisfied with Airtel’s self-help services, and you need to speak to the network provider’s agent, by dialling 300 on your phone, you can connect with the telco’s Call Center.

How to recharge credit on your Airtel line

The code to recharge airtime on your Airtel line has changed. Subscribers of Airtel should dial *311# to recharge airtime.

Share services USSD code for Airtel

Airtel allows its subscribers to gift or share data (from their balance or purchase) with their friends and families. To use the shared service, dial *321#.

Airtel borrow service *303# 
Airtel airtime check *310# 
Airtel data plan *312# 
Airtel data plan balance *323# 
Airtel call centers 300 
Airtel credit recharge *311# 
Airtel share service *321# 

Frequently asked questions

What are unified USSD codes?

Unified USSD codes are used by all the network providers to check or access their network services such as customer care, recharge, check balance and buy data.

How do you remember the unified USSD codes?

By simply dialling *301# on your mobile phone, you can view the list of all the unified codes used by your network operator.

What are the benefits of the unified USSD codes to subscribers?

The unified USSD codes make it easy for subscribers to remember how to access any network provider’s services, especially when you are a new user.

With the unified codes, you don’t have to memorise different USSD codes for each network provider. Dial *301# from your mobile phone to view the list of all the network providers’ codes.

Does the unified USSD come with charges?

No, the unified USSD codes don’t attract charges for using them. Although, voicemail service might cost you, should you be interested in activating the feature.

Will the same code work when you port your number to another network?

The unified codes remain the same across all networks. So porting from one network to another won’t affect it.

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