Footballer Hakimi Trends Following News Of His Divorce
Achraf Hakimi: Between His Wife And Mother

Achraf Hakimi: Between Soccer Star’s Wife And His Mother

12 months ago
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Just as some commentators have exclaimed, Achraf Hakimi, the celebrated 24-year-old Morrocan international soccer star playing for Paris Saint Germain FC of France, may become the first man to successfully defeat a woman in a marriage litigation in a court of law, under the historically unfair and unjust European divorce laws, standing tall and straight with the help of a fellow woman.

Even before the court delivers its last word on the trending divorce, women all over the world weighing on the matter as mothers are now praying to have an Achraf as son just as wives are praying not to have an Achraf as husband!

No matter how critics look at it, Achraf Hakimi is very clever. Before the divorce suit, unarguably fueled by the rape allegations against him, the couple were allegedly separated. The separation itself could have been the direct or indirect action resulting from his mother taking control of his finances or the wife threatening her husband or the husband finding his wife untrustworthy. Just anything.

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But any evaluation must be situated within all the sentiments. That Hiba Abouk was 33 and Hakimi 19 when they started dating before a secret marriage in 2020. That his family was against the marriage; obviously due to the age difference, lopsided experience, suspicion and fears, etc. That investigation into the allegation of rape, which the footballer denied vehemently, opened in spite of the accuser telling the police that she doesn’t want to file charges against him. That before the police concluded the investigation, Hiba filed for divorce, seeking to claim over half of his assets and earnings only to be told in court the defender has nothing in his accounts in millions.

Now, these are the posers. Since the husband hasn’t denied the paternity or welfare of his two sons from the marriage, why can’t the wife wait for police to conclude the investigation before launching a divorce suit if she ever truly loved her husband? With this in mind, how are we sure Achraf wasn’t set up for this end using the accuser he met online during the period of separation? How was the marriage specifically unveiling that perhaps encouraged Achraf to entrust his mother with over 80% of his assets and earnings before the marriage, instead of his wife after marriage?

Could the tragic experiences of people like Emmanuel Eboue, Tiger Woods, etc., who lost all or substantial earnings of their lives to their spouses have scared Achraf so much? Some of the people condemning Achraf or Hiba today would do more than them in their shoes.

Notwithstanding the divergent views, Hiba’s demands truly paint her as a gold digger in view of the fact that Achraf made most of his earnings without the direct impact of his estranged wife.

If l were the judge, she’ll get a rebuking pittance for her greed after a sound ruling on child support and custody fair to both parties.

Why? If Achraf Hakimi wasn’t already a success at 19, she would probably not marry him at the wild age of 33!

And his success – both on and off field – owes toward the intelligence, love, care, upbringing, and guidance of his parents, who definitely deserve respect and assurance of the marriage. Otherwise, Hiba should withdraw the divorce suit, publicly apologise to her sons, assure her mother-in-law, and initiate peaceful resolution with her husband; because, what love has joined together, let no greed put asunder.

Anything other than that is a monthly child upkeep of €2,000 for the boys under her custody out of Achraf’s eye-popping €1 million monthly salary with which he can take better care of his sons through unimpeded access and visits until they are above 8 years-old, as it pleases my Lordship and this honourable court of law!

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