7 Ways To Have A Spiritually Impactful Good Friday

7 Ways To Have A Spiritually Impactful Good Friday

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Good Friday is a day set aside for Christians all over the world to reflect on the suffering, crucifixion, and death of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary for the salvation of mankind as recorded in the Christian Holy book, the Bible. This Christian event is observed during the Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum (three days that begins with the Maundy Thursday, up to Easter Sunday).

In some Christian denominations, it is also known as ’Holy Friday’, ’Great Friday’, ’Great and Holy Friday’, and ’Black Friday’. I was indeed a tragic incident based on human consideration, but it was named Good Friday because of the spiritual significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death for the salvation of mankind, according to Christian believers.

In many countries of the world, it is a national holiday. According to the Christian calendar for the 2024 Easter programme, Friday, 29 March, is Good Friday, while Easter is on 31 March 2024.

To have a spiritually impactful Good Friday, you could consider engaging in the following activities:

1. Attend a Good Friday service at your local church or place of worship to reflect on the significance of the day. Different Christian denominations have adopted different liturgical procedures for Good Friday service, where they read biblical accounts depicting the arrest of Christ by soldiers while with his disciples at the Garden of Gethsemani, and his subsequent trial, carrying the cross crucifixion and death. They equally engage in intercessory prayers for the country, world peace, and prosperity.

2. Spend time in prayer and meditation, contemplating the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This could be in the form of private devotion to deepen oneself with the spiritual import of what Christ did and the hope of having transformation and earning the grace attached to such endeavour.

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7 Ways To Have A Spiritually Impactful Good Friday
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3. Read and reflect on the biblical accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion in the Gospels. Aside from the one done in the church, individuals can devote time to do so in private. This is also suitable for those who may not be able to go to church for different reasons ranging from ill health to being in a region where the church is not located or at a far distance, among other factors.

4. Fast or abstain from a meal as a form of spiritual discipline and to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. Of course, during the 40-day Lenten period, Christians have the obligation to fast, give alms and pray. The fasting on Good Friday which is the high point of the season, is mandatory in some Christian denominations like the Catholic Church. They also observe abstinence from eating meat.

5. Volunteer or engage in acts of service to help those in need, embodying the spirit of selflessness and love.

6. Commune with nature and take a walk to appreciate the beauty of creation and reflect on the Creator.

7. Participate in a Stations of the Cross walking meditation to revisit the key moments leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. Many Christian churches read biblical accounts and reenact scenes depicting Christ’s arrest, trial, journey to Calvary, and crucifixion and death to give worshipers a graphical feeling of what Christ passed through.

These activities can help you deepen your spiritual connection and understanding of the significance of Good Friday.

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