5 must-have Digital Marketing Tools for your startup or small business

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No matter the industry, every entrepreneur or small business owner is faced with one primal problem, limited funding.

Limited funding makes it difficult for entrepreneurs and small business owners to run successful marketing campaigns to generate leads and get their intended niche market or target audience to purchase their product or service. Despite the challenge, there are several low-cost to free digital marketing tools that can aid small business owners and entrepreneurs on a tight budget.
Below are 5 must-have digital marketing tools to help you with your Do It Yourself (DIY) marketing.

1. Canva
Creating stunning visuals that capture the attention of consumers will ensure you gain the needed traction for your products or services. Canva is a content creation and graphic designing software that helps you do just that. With numerous templates to choose from, you can create stunning product quotes, infographics, presentations, Facebook and Instagram post, logos, posters, banners among others.

One great thing about Canva is you do not need any graphic design experience to create stunning visuals. Also, Canva has a free and premium version.

2. Hootsuite
Social media has long shied away from just a chat and entertaining platform to a powerful business tool that when used proactively can cause your small business to have explosive growth. Hootsuite allows your business to maintain a competitive marketplace on social media by providing a central management platform for all your social media handles.

This tool allows you to schedule posts in advance in one session. You also receive reports on which social media campaigns are working effectively. This report will enable you to calculate the return on your investment. Pricing starts from as low as US$19 with a 30-day free trial.

3. Yoast
If you are looking for the right tool in optimizing content for Search Engine Optimization, Yoast is one of the best digital marketing tools to accomplish that task. Yoast helps you with selecting the right keyword for a higher ranking in search results and improves your content’s readability. A free version of Yoast exists which you may wish to familiarize yourself with.

4. Hubspot
Hubspot is particularly helpful for business owners running multiple marketing campaigns across varying marketing channels. Hubspot enables you to bring all your different marketing channels together and optimize for greater traffic, higher conversion rate, and better ROI.

Other tools of Hubspot include:
• Content optimization tools
• Optimized landing pages
• Email templates
• Marketing automation
• Lead management
• Analytics
• Social media management

Hubspot just like some of the other marketing tools has a free version but as you will guess, with limited functionality.

5. KWFinder
Acquiring the relevant keywords that will help your content rank high in search results is usually problematic. Specialized digital tools have been created to help you find the right keywords to rank high in search results, however, most of these tools can be pricey.

This is where KWFinder comes into play. It offers affordable, accurate, and useful insights for small businesses and start-ups. All you have to do is type in a general keyword and KWFinder will produce numerous suggestions, search volume data, trends, and a ranking score for each word or phrase.

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