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20 Things To Know About The 44 Years Old Senegal New President-Elect

3 weeks ago
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Senegal’s political landscape sees a shift as 44-year-old Bassirou Diomaye Faye emerges victorious in the presidential race.

A protege of Ousmane Sonko, Faye’s journey from a humble upbringing to the pinnacle of power is marked by resilience, friendship, and commitment to change.

Here are 20 Things to know about Senegal’s new President-elect

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  1. He was Born on March 25, 1980, in Ndiaganiao, Senegal, Bassirou Diomaye Faye emerged from humble beginnings in the western department of M’Bour, Thies.
  2.  As the former General-Secretary of PASTEF, Faye was deeply ingrained in Senegal’s political landscape, advocating for work, ethics, and fraternity.
  3. Faye Graduated with a master’s degree in law, showcasing his intellectual prowess early on, and furthered his studies at the National School of Administration (ENA).
  4. Faye Transitioning into a tax inspector role, Faye’s career path intertwined with Ousmane Sonko, a pivotal figure in Senegalese politics.
  5. Faye’s camaraderie with Sonko solidified over time, notably during their tenure in the Taxes and Estates Union, fostering a shared vision for societal change.
  6. Endorsed by Sonko himself, Faye’s journey to the presidency bore the imprint of his mentor’s support, navigating the political terrain with resilience.
  7. Despite facing adversity, including imprisonment for his convictions, Faye’s spirit remained unbroken, emerging victorious in the face of challenges.
  8. Making a return to public life after his release, Faye’s presence garnered widespread support, signaling a new era in Senegalese politics.
  9. Garnering support from former President Abdoulaye Wade and the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), Faye’s candidacy gained momentum, uniting diverse political factions.
  10. With a focus on job creation, anti-corruption measures, and energy reform, Faye’s platform resonated with Senegal’s electorate, promising a brighter future.
  11. Capturing the hearts of Senegal’s youth, Faye’s connection with Sonko’s legacy embodied a beacon of hope for a generation yearning for change.
  12. Facing legal scrutiny, including allegations of spreading false information, Faye’s resilience in the face of adversity underscored his commitment to justice.
  13. Freed from incarceration just days before the election, Faye’s resolve only strengthened, embarking on a spirited campaign to reclaim Senegal’s economic sovereignty.
  14. Pledging to challenge French economic dominance, Faye’s agenda aimed to empower Senegal on the global stage, advocating for self-determination.
  15. Beyond politics, Faye’s background as a tax inspector and lawyer exemplified his dedication to public service and legal integrity.
  16. Balancing public life with personal commitments, Faye has two wives and four children
  17. Throughout his career, Faye remained deeply connected to his roots, championing grassroots initiatives and community development projects.
  18. As Senegal’s new face on the global stage, Faye’s diplomatic endeavors promised to strengthen ties with neighboring nations and international partners.
  19. Embracing social media as a tool for change, Faye’s online presence may facilitate dialogue and transparency, bridging the gap between government and citizens.
  20. With a blend of pragmatism and idealism, Faye’s presidency heralded a new chapter in Senegal’s history, guided by the principles of integrity, inclusivity, and progress


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