Pan-Nigerian Aggregation, Not Peter Obi, Defeated Tinubu In Lagos
Pan-Nigerian Aggregation, Not Peter Obi, Defeated Tinubu In Lagos

Pan-Nigerian Aggregation, Not Peter Obi, Defeated Tinubu In Lagos

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Congratulations to the youth and people of Nigeria.
The Labour Party has emerged as a true pan-Nigerian third force, aggregating the interests of Nigerians from all the demographics that make up our most cosmopolitan city-state.
As Peter Obi affirms, he only represents what citizens want. Labour Party is pan-Nigerian. Lagos is so diverse no single group or ethnicity did what happened on Saturday. It was the great combo.
There is much more to the  victory of Peter Obi over Bola Tinubu in Lagos. One is that it smashed stereotypes and long-held untruths. More significantly, it signposts the nature of Nigerian politics going forward.
Ideas will be the motive force of politics in Nigeria in the days ahead. Trust and integrity follow. Then a record of true service.
Citizens are wiser. Young people who grew up seeing the disappointment and frustrations of their parents are now part of the electorate. They want more.
The Obidient or Labour Party effect of course goes beyond Lagos. Lagos is attracting all the attention because of its size and significance. Even so, Lagos has always been cosmopolitan. A man from Bayelsa, the first editor of the Daily Times, Ernest Sisei Ikoli, won election to the 1923 Lagos Legislative Council.
The Labour Party’s effect is changing the political geography across Nigeria.
Mrs. Ireti Kingibe heads to the Senate from the FCT. Persistent Okey Ezea is going to the upper legislative chamber instead of the effete Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. In Abia State fine boy Ginger Onwusibe delivered as LG chairman in Isiala Ngwa North, represented well in the State Assembly, and now heads to the House of Representatives.
The folks chasing Igbo traders in Lagos are misguided and reading yesterday’s tea leaves.. The bigger picture is that the Obidients have redefined Nigerian politics beyond the tribe. On this, many citizens who live in Lagos joined them. They are Yoruba, Hausa, Edo, Igbo, Ijaw, and many others.
Welcome to the new politics defined by the Obidients and the Labour Party. Note that I could have said the Obidients of the Labour Party. However, that group makes it clear they have their mind and pursue a clear agenda of positive and disruptive change.
Chido Nwakanma
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